Sleeping Dogs

A qualified sitter will stay in your home overnight


While on assignment at your home, we come and go just as you do on any given day keeping your pet’s needs in mind. We are there first thing in the morning for early needs, back for potty break, and  return in time for dinner. We may prepare a simple meal for ourselves using and respecting your kitchen, being mindful of cleaning up properly. We find the pets in our care truly enjoy our coming and going. It is comforting everyday life as they know it. There are the interesting smells generated in the kitchen, the companionship of a nice human who clearly enjoys being with them reading a book, watching TV, sitting alongside, petting them, perhaps brushing them if that is something they enjoy. When day is done and it is time to sleep, they are not alone. We are there – all night long – just in case. And then another day begins.

Please inquire for rates.