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Dog Training Video Series

Being able to walk your dog on a loose leash is one of the most gratifying things you can teach! Walks are no longer stressful and the idea of taking your pet out to events becomes exciting again! 

The problem with dogs pulling on the leash is not only the difficulty of being walked by your dog and the lack of control in potentially dangerous situations, but the physical strain that pulling puts on a dog. And this goes for harnesses as well as collars! 

What if you could teach your pet to walk calmly by your side in just a few minutes a day? 

There are a number of tools and exercises that you can add to your routine that will have you as the envy of the neighborhood. 

Join us in a single week mini-workshop to learn how you can teach your dog to walk beside you on a loose leash despite distractions! 

This $20 workshop will include video and written instruction, a q&a session, the opportunity to post progress videos for critique, and a like-minded community to share with!