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We believe that pets are not really animals but better described as “chosen relatives. ” We cherish them and they are devoted with a fervor rarely felt from human kin. They love us on our good days, tolerate us without criticism on our worst. When we are sick they are glad to have our cranky company. They have no regard for our financial status. An ability to turn a quick phrase does not impress them. They have no desire to correct our politics and see no error in our ways. What wonderful creatures! What pure, unbiased love. As much as it may seem ideal to take them with us wherever we go, it simply isn’t possible. So it is with careful consideration that we must choose their care providers. Friendly Pet Care was created to be your best choice for care when you can’t be there. We vow to make your time away enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your pets. We will do everything to ensure their safety and well being and to keep them on the routine by which they thrive. It is understood that our clients hold their pets in very high esteem. We value and share the sentiment. Since 2002, We've been caring for your pets and your home as if they were our very own.



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Serving Cherry Hill, Erlton,  Haddonfield, Moorestown, Evesham, Mt. Laurel, Marlton, Medford, Medford Lakes, Gloucester Township, Blackwood, Berlin, Deptford, Voorhees, Sicklerville, Washington Township, Turnersville, Woodbury, Oaklyn, Collingswood, Gibbsboro, Palmyra, Pennsauken, Riverside, Cinnaminson, Maple Shade,  and surrounding areas.  Also serving parts of Bucks County, PA such as Huntingdon Valley, Richboro, Southampton, Churchville, Warminster, Warrington. In New Jersey we serve the county of Camden, most of Gloucester County and parts of Burlington County.  Most of South Jersey is our territory but give us a call no matter where you are. We will do all we can to accommodate you. Out of service area rates may apply.  

Dog Walker


We visit your pet in the comfort of your own home

Sleeping Dogs


A qualified sitter will stay in your home overnight

Dog House


We bring your pet to our home

Key to Success


Did you lock yourself out of your home?


Any deterioration to plants or lawn during hot summer months or snow and ice will not be the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care. If requested, we will take every reasonable measure to keep them alive and thriving, following client’s written instructions provided. Indoor plants are generally included in pricing. However, exotics or extensive collections may incur additional care costs. Outdoor plants are always subject to additional care costs. Damage to plants and lawns caused by client’s pets urinating, spraying, digging or defection on same is not to be considered fault on the part of Friendly Pet Care.

Damage to carpets, rugs, floors, plants, or lawns caused by client’s pets urinating, spraying or defecating on same will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care. Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up all messes caused by client’s pets that are detected by the pet sitter using cleaning materials made available by the client within the home at time of incident.

Any and all damage to carpeting, rugs, floors, ceilings, furniture or any other part of the client’s home due to faulty electrical wiring, plumbing, heating or air conditioning will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care.

Illness, injury, loss or death of client’s pets will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care unless negligence can be proven beyond doubt. Clients must ensure that all confinement areas are secure and safe with no known escape routes. Friendly Pet Care will make every reasonable effort to locate a lost pet. Client must ensure that the condition of leashes and collars used in walking dogs is in excellent condition. All pets MUST be tagged with identification.


This is Leelu. Yes, she is named after Leeloo Dallas Multipass from The Fifth Element.jpg

Visiting hours: 8:30 am to 8:30 pm
Overnight care: between: 6 pm and 8:00 am
Dog Walks: As scheduled
If you need accommodations outside of normal hours,
please let us know in advance. Additional charges may apply.

Major holidays are billed reasonably higher.



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