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Levels of Care for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Critters, Horses and Farm Animals

For long days while pet parents are working, or for extended periods when they need to travel for business or take a vacation, we offer a care plan that’s just right. All packages include potty-break, freshening of water, parent-approved treats, feeding if scheduled, interactive play and lots of love, attention and affection. Starting rates are based on one dog and are to be used for the purpose of estimating costs. Kittie care starts at a rate for up to 2 cats and increases slightly with each additional in the same household. In multi-type-pet households, reasonable pricing adjustments will be made.

“The Whew! ” for Dogs

Quick 20 minute visit with potty break for the youngsters or oldsters that just can’t “hold it” too long. Also perfect for those who need medication at a certain time. $20

Most medications are included in visit pricing.

“The Good Stretch!” for dogs : About a 30 minute visit which includes all standard visit services plus play time, and a nice walk. $25

“Stretch that Good Stretch” for dogs:  Stretch that visit and good stretch to about 40 minutes, for only $5 more.

“By-the-hour” Companionship for Dogs
A one hour+ visit starts at $25.   This is good for those dogs that experience anxiety when left alone for long periods or dogs who are simply used to having someone around most of the time. By the hour drops after the 2nd hour to $15 each.

Care for Cats and Birds and Others: Basic visit of about 20-30 minutes to tend to feeding, litter or bedding maintenance, to clean cages and engage in interactive play.  Up to 2 cats, 1 cage, or 1 tank.  $25

Rate increases in small increments of about $3 for each additional resident pet depending on what care is required.

Ferrel Colonies Care: We do provide care for ferral colonies.  Pricing varies on population and care requirements.

Call 856-435-6420 for estimate.

CALENDAR DAY – OVERNIGHT STAYS: This is the level of care most often chosen by our dog loving clients.  Although some cats are treated to this too, especially those with health concerns and stringent medications regimes.  Includes all basic points of care and an overnight stay by the assigned care provider. This is the ultimate in companionship-level care. Note charges for additional pets in same household are listed at a minimal rate. “Calendar day” starts after your time of your departure and continues through just about the time you return. Ensuring a high level of comfort and safety, we are there in the morning, we are back at dinner, we are there through the night. We come and go, just as you may on any given day with the care needs and schedules of your pets foremost.  In the event of an emergency your pets are not alone.  We may read a book, watch a movie, prepare a simple meal for ourselves.  It is life as your pets know it.  The coming and going of humans, the smells of their food, the comfort of their presence, the sound of their voices.  Knowing they are not alone, but rather accompanied by someone who shares their human’s passion for companionship pets.  Someone who loves their “job” so much, they put the word in quotes.  For cost estimating, see Rate Chart below and call 856-435-6420

Horses, Mules, Goats and all Farm Animals: Yes, we care for these creatures too!  Please call for a quote.  Prices vary depending on how many you have and what is required to keep them all happy.

Calendar Day and Overnight Care Costs

Please use the chart for estimating costs. Actual pricing may be more or less determined by specific needs, add-on services chosen, length of booking and other considerations. Most medications are included at no additional charge.

1 dog


1-2 cats or a bird in same house add 10.00.Add 3.00 per pet for small low maintenance tanked pets.

2 dogs


3-5 cats same house add 15.00

3 dogs


6-7 cats same house add 20.00

4 dogs


8-9 cats same house add 40.00

Major holidays are billed reasonably higher.

Visiting hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Overnight care: between: 6 pm and 9 am
Dog Walks: As scheduled
If you need accommodations outside of normal hours,
please let us know in advance. Additional charges may apply.


Any deterioration to plants or lawn during hot summer months or snow and ice will not be the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care. If requested, we will take every reasonable measure to keep them alive and thriving, following client’s written instructions provided. Indoor plants are generally included in pricing. However, exotics or extensive collections may incur additional care costs. Outdoor plants are always subject to additional care costs. Damage to plants and lawns caused by client’s pets urinating, spraying, digging or defection on same is not to be considered fault on the part of Friendly Pet Care.

Damage to carpets, rugs, floors, plants, or lawns caused by client’s pets urinating, spraying or defecating on same will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care. Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up all messes caused by client’s pets that are detected by the pet sitter using cleaning materials made available by the client within the home at time of incident.

Any and all damage to carpeting, rugs, floors, ceilings, furniture or any other part of the client’s home due to faulty electrical wiring, plumbing, heating or air conditioning will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care.

Illness, injury, loss or death of client’s pets will not be considered the responsibility of Friendly Pet Care unless negligence can be proven beyond doubt. Clients must ensure that all confinement areas are secure and safe with no known escape routes. Friendly Pet Care will make every reasonable effort to locate a lost pet. Client must ensure that the condition of leashes and collars used in walking dogs is in excellent condition. All pets MUST be tagged with identification.

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