We believe that pets are not really animals but better described as “chosen relatives. ” We cherish them and they are devoted with a fervor rarely felt from human kin. They love us on our good days, tolerate us without criticism on our worst. When we are sick they are glad to have our cranky company. They have no regard for our financial status. An ability to turn a quick phrase does not impress them. They have no desire to correct our politics and see no error in our ways. What wonderful creatures! What pure, unbiased love. As much as it may seem ideal to take them with us wherever we go, it simply isn’t possible. So it is with careful consideration that we must choose their care providers. Friendly Pet Care was created to be your best choice for care when you can’t be there. We vow to make your time away enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your pets. We will do everything to ensure their safety and well being and to keep them on the routine by which they thrive. It is understood that our clients hold their pets in very high esteem. We value and share the sentiment. We care for your pets and your home as if they were our very own.

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