Jimmy is my person.  I like him the best of all the persons in our house, maybe because he’s smaller and closer to the ground than they are.

When I was a baby I used to live in a tiny cage in a tiny room and it smelled really bad there.  Jimmy and his Mom picked me out of all the other furry animals and took me to live with them at their house.  It smells much nicer at their house.  Jimmy named me Sammy after one of his other cats who’s not here anymore because he went to some place called kitty Heaven.  Jimmy’s Mom says that’s a nice place to be, but I really like it in Jimmy’s house right now, so I don’t think I’ll be going to kitty Heaven any time soon.

Jimmy comes downstairs every morning and he has a big glass of milk with his breakfast.  He never drinks it all, so when he’s done he shares it with me.  Sometimes I get really excited about that milk and try to drink some before he’s done with it and Jimmy yells “SAMMY!” but he doesn’t stay mad at me for long.

Then I like to spend the rest of the day taking a nap somewhere.  But close to the time that Jimmy comes home from school I get up and wait by the front door for him.  Even though I don’t have a watch because I don’t have a wrist to put it on like people do, I always know when it’s time for Jimmy to come home from school.

When Jimmy comes home he sits at the counter in the kitchen and he writes things on pieces of paper.  I sit on the counter with him to keep him company.  He takes such a long time writing things on pieces of paper I get impatient and want to play NOW.  His pencil moves back and forth and I want to swat it, and sometimes I DO swat it and then Jimmy yells, “SAMMY!” and so I stop.  But then that pencil starts moving again and I just want to swat it so badly.  This is one of my favorite games.  But when Jimmy’s finished writing with that pencil he always plays with me.  We play with a feather on a stick and we play chase with a magic red light that Jimmy has.  When we get tired we lay down and Jimmy pets me.    He’s very gentle and pets me better than any other people.

Jimmy has so many little things to play with that sometimes I take one of them and then Jimmy yells “SAMMY!” but I’ll nudge him to say I’m sorry and he doesn’t stay mad at me for long.

When it’s dark outside Jimmy jumps into this big thing with water spraying down and I love to try and catch the water drops and listen to the water sounds and sometimes I try to drink the water too.  A few times I fell in.  When I fall in Jimmy yells, “Mom- Sammy’s in the tub again!”

Then I make sure that Jimmy goes to sleep o.k. and after I make my rounds to check that the whole house is safe I’ll spend some time cuddling with Jimmy’s Dad because he’s my second favorite petting person, and then I’ll get up and lay down in the hallway outside Jimmy’s room and make sure he’s all right until it’s light outside again.

And then Jimmy says, “Goodnight Sammy.”

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