Our on-staff  “Behavior Modification Specialist” has an ever-growing list of accomplished canine graduates.  With enrollment in our  6-week custom-designed program your puppies or teenagers are on their way to holding onto their branch of the family tree for life. Even older dogs can learn new tricks with the right trainer.    Our accredited dog trainer will meet with you and your pet initially and  do an assessment of what you wish to accomplish and put together a plan.  Be clear this is a program for the dog and the dog’s human. You will both have homework.  This training works!  It takes place in your home!   Not in the ring where the distraction of  other classmates is often just that – a distraction.  In the quiet comfort of home, the three of you can concentrate and the results are far greater.  Besides, what better place to provide training than in the very place it is carried out most often? Results are far better than those achieved in a public training ring. Yet, the costs are comparable.  We work with you to make it work for you.   And, as with most Friendly Pet Care Services, there’s just no place like home.

 Puppy Training 

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