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Question To Gina

Question to Gina:

Looking at my spoiled son Mitch I wonder how I can leave him for 2 wks when we go to Maui. He’s older now and so good, but set in his ways. What do you think goes thru their minds when we leave them? How do you make them feel better?

Answer to Donna:

We put so many human characteristics on our beloved pets, Donna. They are smart but not so complicated as we humans. I must have had over a thousand assignments in client’s homes to care for their pets. I have been in the pet care business for TEN years now!! That is at least 1,000 assignments. There have been MANY thousandS of days and nights spent caring for other’s pets!!! Which is probably why you asked me the question. I believe they mainly simply think, “Oh here is this nice person taking care of me. Ahhh…I like the sound of her voice. She even knows my name!!! This person really likes me, I can tell…OH MY we are going for a walk?! I LOVE to go for WALKS!! Oh boy, she knows where my food and treats are too. I LOVE food and treats. Gee…this is fun….”

Donna, I know for certain they have very few worries when left in their OWN homes to be cared for by a loving, accountable, mature pet sitter. And, I know this care solution is a helluva lot more considerate on the parts of the humans than placing them in a kennel. No matter how nice or expensive that kennel may be, there really is no place like home. Animals prefer their own homes to a “vacation” any day. Familiar surroundings and routine schedules – that is what they thrive on. I love my “work.” So much so I put the word “work” in quotes. I feel very appreciated. I like to say that not once while working in the “corporate environment” was anyone EVER so happy to see me arrive that they peed on the floor. Not once. Thank you for your question. It was fun to think about and answer.

Celebrating TEN Years of Service

Celebrating TEN years of service to the companionship pet community October 28, 2012!!!

Life is complicated

I swear, if it were not for my dog…just fill in the blank…I would simply not be the same person that I am.  She teaches me so much about life.  When faced with a decision, so many times the right choice woulda, coulda been a better one if I had approached the decision making process with, “What would the dog do?”  And then applied that thought to my human solution.  It occurs to me that dogs are a lot more “humane” than some (too many) humans.  And far less complicated.  Even the aggressive ones are pretty simple to figure out.  If the world was run by dogs, there would be peace on earth.  The gentle, good-hearted dogs would far outweigh the number of angry, aggressive ones.  And there would be plenty of bones and biscuits to go around.

Once upon a dog

Once there was a dog name Johnny. He was my third child.  My third son. The good son. The one who actually listened to his mother. John had golden blonde hair and big brown eyes…just like my other two sons.  Only his were fringed heavily and were always focused on mine whenever I spoke. If I cried – even if just from a sad movie -he’d make a place on my lap to comfort me, sighing heavily as if to indicate he could relate to my sadness. 

 Johnny came into our family on my oldest son’s 10th birthday when all he wanted in the entire world was a dog.  His father and I had grown up with dogs and often spoke of adding another to our lives.  But with two young children and careers that took up far more time than we had to give, there simply did not seem to be room for a dog to care for as well.  But oh how our son begged. Oh what a great case he made for the opportunity to learn responsibility.  He was just too bright for our argument.

Sometimes it is good to be wrong.  This was one of those times.  Johnny came to us in need of a home and looking more like a Golden Retriever than most pure bred Goldens ever do.  Testimony to his questionable lineage lived in his left ear which stuck straight up at all times, the right one laying flat. This made Johnny seem ever alert and listening carefully.